About us

Telling Timeless Tales
Design classics last forever. Reimagining them adds even more character to fit your contemporary interior. Our collection consists of mid-century American and Scandinavian designs and brands. With a genuine appreciation for the thought and meaning behind each piece, we aim to create a lifelong connection for future generations. 

At Bespoke, the rules don’t apply to traditional re-upholstery. We consider our collection like art for daily use, filled with color, creativity, and personality while respecting its original intent.

Celebrating Craftsmanship
We believe in craftsmanship and act upon this with a strong focus on sustainability, using only high-end fabrics from various premium brands and reusing as much hardware as possible. Every piece is meticulously dissected at our Bespoke atelier to stay true to its original construction. This all caters to giving the furniture a second or even third life for you to enjoy.

So, it’s no secret that we are obsessed with design. With a history in graphic design/branding and noticing interest in our taste in style, we’ve extended our instinct for aesthetics into the world of re-upholstery and interior design. Treating all pieces ourselves or by one of our partners, we oversee the entire re-upholstery process closely from start to finish.

Just like our clients, we value quality over quantity. That is why we only sell through surprise design drops instead of releasing multiple collections annually.